Fighting High Density On Our Terrain – A Force Multiplier

Fighting High Density On Our Terrain – A Force Multiplier

forcemultiplierMaybe Marin’s supervisors are thinking that voters have memories like goldfish and they will soon forget about the 1,111 unit Housing Element that pushes for extensive high density development. But given the supervisor’s actions perhaps the reverse is true.

The supervisors have delayed discussion of the Strawberry PDA just to the point where people will be starting to cast their votes as Supervisors Arnold and Adams seek re-election.

Officials Promoting High Density – An Endangered Species

Looking back, elected officials backing high density have rapidly started to disappear – they’re almost becoming an endangered species. In the Marinwood Community Service District election they were completely displaced. In Corte Madera David Kunhardt failed to win a seat.

In San Rafael outspoken high density advocate Greg Brockbank, a well known name and former vice mayor, lost his race. Meanwhile a complete unknown who opposed high density, Randy Warren, came out of nowhere to nearly winning a council seat. For each dollar spent Randy won almost double the votes of other candidates (detailed analysis in my article here). Opposing high density is a FORCE MULTIPLIER in any election capable of DOUBLING the effect of campaign funds.

Fighting in High Density Terrain When Ill Equipped with the Facts

The supervisors seem to be unaware of the facts of either transit-oriented development (which doesn’t reduce CO2 emissions or solve transportation issues in suburban areas) or that they will be fighting on our terrain for this election. This coming supervisor election will be all about the high density housing that supervisors are pushing on voters – voters finding themselves completely disenfranchised by special interests. To oppose this here’s what we all must do:

1. Donate to the Marin Community Alliance Lawsuit
By far the best opportunity to block supervisors’ plans who are pushing for WinCup densities in Strawberry, St Vincents, Grady Ranch – and maybe your neighborhood next…
And if you do find your neighborhood has been targeted, you’ll need to join the long line behind all the other neighborhoods already nominated for development. Strawberry had to as 13 times just to have the topic put on the supervisor’s agenda – the line of concerned residents is growing longer by the day.

2. Sign Up for the Citizen Marin Mailing List
Find out the facts, find out if your neighborhood is already targeted (many are waking up to this surprise) or what’s next on the list for a Win Cup by signing up for the Citizen Marin mailing list, many others have already done it:

3. Donate to & Vote For Damon Connolly for Supervisor
While supervisor Adams has been doing a dance when asked any direct question about high density housing, while progressing a high density agenda, Damon has been doing the opposite and actually representing his constituents as a councilor in San Rafael. On the San Rafael city council he stuck his neck out multiple times opposing 33 N San Pedro and the soccer complex.

Voters opposed to high density have already taken out Marinwood CSD’s high density brigade, almost succeeded in San Rafael – time to take down a supervisor with this agenda – donate and vote for Damon:

4. Donate to & Vote for Toni Shroyer for Supervisor
If you’re in Novato then you need to support Toni Shroyer. She’s someone firmly against the high density housing agenda progressed by incumbent supervisor Judy Arnold:

A Message to the Supervisors

This battle will be fought on the terrain of facts, and high-density. This is a FORCE MULTIPLIER. To have a chance of winning a supervisor pushing a high density housing agenda like supervisor Adams or Arnold will need to raise at least double what was previously thought to be necessary. $200k is not going to cut it anymore. Think half a million and even then you may still lose…

Better yet, cut your losses now AND START REPRESENTING US. An apology could work wonders… better yet:
– fix the Housing Element
– rescind the Strawberry PDA
– and re-write AB 1537 the right way this time so instead of upzoning to 20 units per acre (which really means 30 with density bonuses) it genuinely protects Marin.