Land Use

This page is intended to provide a primer and reference to key documents relating to transit oriented development.

Preliminary Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Transportation Analysis
Dec 30.  2013. The California Governor’s Office of Planning & Research
This new methodology is set to replace Level of Service (measuring vehicle delay at intersections) with one that excludes all consideration to delay of cars and light trucks; instead only impact on transit, bicycles and pedestrians will be considered. This methodology will apply to “Transit Priority Areas” defined as any location within 1/2 mile of a bus with a peak service interval of 15 minutes or less.

CEQA Air Quality Guidelines
May 2010, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
This document outlines the relative health dangers of locating new residential housing units in close proximity to freeways and major highways.

Regional Housing Need Plan for the San Francisco BayArea: 2014‐2022
The RHNA identifies each jurisdiction’s responsibility for planning for housing, and is divided into four income categories that encompass all levels of housing affordability.

Priority Development Areas (PDAs)

Application and Guidelines: Priority Development Area Designation
January 2014, ABAG. BAAQMD, SFBC&DC, MTC
This document outlines the criteria and process to apply for and or change the status of (E.g. rescind) a Priority Development Area).

MTC Station Area Planning Manual
October 18, 2007
This document identifies the different “place types” for PDAs and the targets for housing units and densities for these place types.

Civic Center Priority Development Area Responses to “Community Questions”
Aug 29, 2013. City of San Rafael
Perhaps one of the most comprehensive analysis of PDAs, responses are useful when considering any PDA designation. This report was put together by the city’s planning department.

Future Legislation

Senate Bill 1,  Sustainable Communities Investment Authority
Introduced by Senator Steinberg (Coauthor: Senator DeSaulnier). Includes text, status, votes.

Assembly Bill 1537, An act to amend Section 65583.2 of the Government Code, relating to land use.

Introduced by Marc Levine, Jan 2014

Marin County Specific Plans

Marin County Housing Element
Sept 24, 2013