Save Taxpayers Money – Offer Limousine Shuttles for Cyclists

Limo for BikersMTC’s response to Planning for Reality’s Public Records Request for the costs of the Richmond Bridge bike path includes a remarkable expense. As most folks know the bike path will cost $68m – but will likely be used by fewer than 156 cyclists over a 3 hour commute if usage is consistent with Marin bike paths (source: Walk Bike Marin, see table on page 23), meanwhile restoring an already built third car lane will cost $15m:

MTC Richmond Bridge Cost

Click to view MTC’s breakdown of the cost of the Richmond Bridge bike path and restored 3rd car lane

The remarkable item appears on page 9:

Relocation Assistance (Shuttle for Bikes) $1,095,000
Escalated value 2015: $1,161,685.50

Further into the breakdown it clarifies:

Relocation Assistance

Assume 8 hours a day Shuttle operation, 365 days a week, at $75/hr for 5 years $1,095,000

This appears to be a temporary shuttle bus that for five years will drive cyclists back and forth across the bridge! The ~156 cyclists don’t even have to wait for construction to complete, unlike the tens of thousands of motorists who will remain stuck in traffic until the work is completed.

Limousines Cheaper than $1.2m Bike Shuttle

It would be cheaper to taxpayers to rent limos for cyclists. You could rent a limousine for less than $75/hour, even before negotiating a discount for 5 years of service! Here is a list of multiple San Francisco limo services in SF that cost less than $75/hour (even before negotiation):

Note: Planning for Reality anticipates receiving MTC’s response to its second records request on Richmond Bridge bike path costs by Feb 10th 2015. This original MTC response provided Nov 6th 2014 clearly showed the bike path cost of $68m, yet MTC’s spokesman Randy Rentschler stated on CBS TV News on Jan 26th that the bike path cost was just $30m.

Full Records Request Response from MTC, Nov 6th 2014: