How can we fight anthropological climate change, accommodate our growing population and maintain an effective transportation system?

Solutions: Buying Solar Panels

Planning for Reality has been accused of being in the payoff of “big oil”, until June 2014 it’s been in the payoff of no-one.  In response Planning for Reality can now say that it is in the payoff of “big solar”. While trains in suburban areas and transit oriented development DO NOT pencil out as cost-effective solutions to saving the planet, solar  does pass the math test. It is a genuinely cost-effective solution that meets two important criteria:

  1. Saves you money
  2. Saves the planet

What’s significant today is that solar can be leased at no up front cost – you simply pay your solar company as if they were your energy provider.If you produce excess energy during the day then your meter runs backwards and you can use it during the night. The same is true of longer periods – if you build up a credit during the summer you can use this during the winter.

Planning for Reality encourages you to contact these solar panel providers using these links:

SolarCityLogoSolar City – PFRs quick take: Quickly delivers  up front savings compared to alternatives without any up front investment.
Contact: Bill Utnehmer,, 415-202-5282.

Sunpower-logoSun Power – PFRs quick take: A higher initial cost per kWh but a cost that’s locked in mean that SunPower provide the highest saving over 20 years. According to independent third party Frauenhofer tests they offer the most robust solar panels with the least power generation degradation.
Contact: 415-686-3877 and let him know that you found out about Sun Power through Planning for Reality.


The Future of TransportationSolutions: Google Waze and Self Driving, Chaining Cars

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True Solutions for Transportation and Housing

Now is the appropriate time to re-examine how we can address climate change, increase affordable housing and improve transportation – and achieve these goals in the most effective way.