Why Solar Makes Sense

Why Solar Makes Sense

As many readers will know, the author is a high tech product manager who applies economics and rigorous business model analysis to understand if claims of “sustainability” are valid. Recently I began to investigate whether solar panels are genuinely sustainable – meaning that they cost effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The answer is an unequivocal “YES”.

Planning for Reality will  be publishing a series of articles  helping readers understand the issues around solar – and whether installing solar panels is a good choice for your specific situation.

The High Level Summary

Solar Panels are sustainable – CHECK

Solar panels save money – CHECK

Solar panels are strongly pencilling out as positive for most homeowners.  There are some situations where it may not make sense – articles will be published here that cover this.

Where Can I Get Solar Panels for My Home?




Lately the author has been reviewing two specific vendors as he considers installing solar in his own home:

SolarCityLogoSolar City – PFRs quick take: Quickly delivers  up front savings compared to alternatives without any up front investment.
Contact: Bill Utnehmer, butnehmer@solarcity.com, 415-202-5282.

Sunpower-logoSun Power – PFRs quick take: A higher initial cost per kWh but a cost that’s locked in mean that SunPower provide the highest saving over 20 years. According to independent third party Frauenhofer tests they offer the most robust solar panels with the least power generation degradation.
Contact: mark.chapman@sunpower.com 415-686-3877 and let him know that you found out about Sun Power through Planning for Reality.